Top 4 Museums in Paris

Maybe it's your tenth time in Paris and you have already seen all the landmarks that you start to wonder if there’s anything else to do in this French capital.

Well, Paris is that gift that keeps on giving. It is packed with all things art and culture and It just never gets old. After ten months of living here, I still have a handful to cross out on my bucket list.

Museums are a staple in every itinerary but going to the Louvre for the second time around can cause you a full day. Unless of course, it’s one of your favorite stops in Paris. But personally, I prefer smaller ones with a more distinct collection, one where you can actually read through every piece and appreciate the art.

Musée de Montmartre

12 Rue Cortot 750018

In every souvenir shop in Paris, you will notice some of the shirts and caps with the print "Les Chat Noir”.
I had no clue why it was such a big hit nor did the vendors. But when I visited the Musée de Montmartre located at the 18th arrondissement, I learned the history behind the ubiquitous design and its connection to the cabaret shows.
This quaint museum features the birth of the cinematic landmark and the vibrant energy that inspired many artists.

Finish your tour at their gardens and adore the views of the vineyards. The best time to visit is during Spring or Summer.

Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris

5 Avenue Marceau 75116

Paris is the center for all things fashion, it is after all considered the “Capital”. Fashion students and enthusiasts alike will get a glimpse of the life of one of the greatest courtiers that not only defined the fashion industry with his work but has embodied haute couture and the lifestyle that once was.

Located in the upscale area of Paris, in the 16th arrondissement, this fashion house has finally re-opened its doors fifteen years later and the perfect way to commemorate the iconic designer.

Maison de Victor Hugo

6 Place des Vosges 75004

“One day more, another day, Another destiny”!
Victor Hugo was the notable author behind the French Revolution classic Les Misérables that has been adapted into a musical and film - both of which garnered success. This museum was where Hugo once lived and it represents a beautiful juxtaposition of his varied interests.

It is also well-situated, just a few steps from Place Voges, a personal favorite park of mine in the 4th arrondissement. Here, you will see letters from and to the author amongst others.

The Panthéon

Place du Panthéon 75005

This mausoleum is easily one of my favorite places in the Latin Quarter. The moment you step foot inside, you will see grandeur paintings that depict the life of St. Genevieve and the birth of the French monarchy. Below you will find the crypts where the remains of famous French artists, philosophers, politicians, and nobles are laid to rest.

After your visit inside the mausoleum, make sure to head all the way up to the dome to get a chance to see a panoramic view of Paris.

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